KHJ supporter

My motto, if someone doesn’t speak about their personal life to you/someone in confidence or not, ethically we should respect that and not pry.
The fact that the allegations surfaced for whatever reason GF A felt, it’s her choice, it’s not Fandoms place to judge her or hate her because of the love we have for KHJ.
On the other hand KE should not suppress media to control scandal because the truth will always rise above. KHJ is a devout Catholic he understands that in the end truth prevails. As a fan it is disappointing to hear this scandal coming in, it’s never a good time for scandal. It is not our place as well to judge if his behavior was justified or not, physical or emotional abuse in relationships tear them apart.
What I’m saying is, their is no rights or wrongs, it took 2 people to create this behavior, buttons were pushed to their limits that caused this outburst, people are people. As a person who is familiar with abuse, it is the individual’s choice to remain in that relationship or leave.
Circle of abuse is a constant behavior if you can not understand what triggers that behavior and avoid whatever it takes for that button to be pushed.
Did anyone notice how much KE lost in stocks? They are paying a price for trying to put out a fire before thinking about the consequence of putting statements out without facts, they too have already been judged.
As a supporter of KHJ, I chose to avoid the media until all the evidence from both sides come to light. At times it looks like evidence is stacked up against KHJ but like a battle field, you win some you lose some, whatever the end result is, I choose to pray for both of them that they get the necessary counseling to heal. KHJ has a lot on the line for now as he is the public figure but to support him is not to threaten GF A, it’s not in his heart for his fans to hate, he does not hate.
Finally, KHJ is a kind gentleman, no one ever shows their colors in public. Everyone owns a dark side, if any of you are in relationships, it’s tiring because it’s hard work to keep that relationship from dieing out, because we have bad times in our personal lives doesn’t mean we act inappropriately and display bad manners in public, we are respectful and behave the way we would like to emulate the person we’d like to be viewed as, therefore, saying we know KHJ would not be accurate except to say we know him from what we’ve seen through interviews, sitcoms, concerts, movies etcetera. We should love him unconditionally, his entire being flaws or no flaws. I think KHJ would love if his fans could understand him and not feel like he’s walking on eggshells in fear he may lose fans. I choose to not hate but to understand, love unconditionally.



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