New Dimension in Live Streaming

I had a chance to attend a live stream concert with the help of my soul sisters assistance. They did the research and shared the steps to get in.  It was very entertaining as well as exciting as I was learning a new way of getting in touch with another part of the world.

As I was streaming, enjoying this music, you could see people posting and chatting live online, however I suddenly saw a strange man on my screen.  I was confused, observing him looking at the computer screen that possibly the camera was on, then I’d see him look at another screen off to the side, I’m not sure what he was doing he wasn’t talking and I’m not even sure if he knew I could see him.  I still could hear the concert in the background, but I got nervous looking at the reverse side of my iPhone wondering, ‘if I can see him, does that mean he can see me?’  I immediately jumped under the covers and sought advice, as expected, my soul sisters didn’t know either, we were all streaming for the first time.  

The quality of the stream video and sound isn’t the best, but it’s very rewarding to be in another country in my own home, between the stream interruptions I would jump around to other streamer rooms, it’s almost like chat rooms.  I hope I can find a good streamer that knows English to teach me a foreign language.

Next streaming event I attend will be in a turtle neck sweater and sweat pants, I’ll also have a face mask on. 


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